Love stories have a way of capturing our hearts and reminding us of the magic that exists in the world. Back in April, I had the incredible privilege of witnessing and documenting the beautiful marriage proposal of Zac and Crystal at the early morning hours at the iconic Scott Monument.

When Zac first contacted me, I could sense his excitement and eagerness to create an unforgettable moment for Crystal. He was remarkably organised and knew exactly where he wanted to propose— the iconic Scott Monument in Edinburgh. The early morning light lent a captivating aura to the occasion, and Zac’s clear vision for the proposal set the stage for an incredible day.

As Zac guided Crystal up the steps, anticipation filled the air. Crystal, completely unaware, wore a priceless expression of surprise and sheer happiness when Zac knelt down and asked her to be his forever. The scene was nothing short of a picture-perfect proposal, brimming with excitement and awe.

The joy that enveloped Zac and Crystal was contagious, and I felt honored to witness and capture their genuine emotions. Their profound affection for one another was evident as they walked hand-in-hand, exploring the historic cobblestone alleys. Each narrow lane, steeped in history, became a backdrop for candid and intimate shots, capturing the essence of their unique love story.

Through photography, we have the privilege of capturing these fleeting moments, preserving them for future revisits and cherished memories. Zac and Crystal’s proposal will forever hold a special place in my heart, reminding me of the beauty and joy that love brings to our lives.


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