Salisbury Crags is a series of cliffs located in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland. The cliffs are made of basalt and stand at a height of around 46 meters. They offer spectacular views of the city of Edinburgh, Arthur Seat, and the surrounding countryside. The formation of Salisbury Crags dates back to over 340 million years ago, when the area was a volcanic landscape. As lava flowed out from the volcano, it formed layers of basalt, which later became exposed due to erosion by glaciers and other natural forces. The resulting rock formations that make up Salisbury Crags have since become an iconic part of the Edinburgh skyline.

I had the pleasure of working with a MJ and Connor who are also talented photographers. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful Scottish morning light and set out for a sunrise shoot at Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh. The weather was perfect, and the sun was just beginning to rise as we arrived at Arthur Seat. As we hiked up the hill, we were surrounded by the peaceful stillness of the early morning, interrupted only by the sound of birdsong and our footsteps on the path.

After spending some time around Arthur Seat, we made our way to Salisbury Crags, where we were greeted by a spectacular view of the cliffs illuminated by the morning sun and some breathtaking view of Edinburgh bathed in the soft, warm light of the rising sun.

It was a great opportunity to learn from each other and exchange ideas about photography techniques and styles. The stunning natural beauty of Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags provided the perfect backdrop for the photo shoot, and the warm golden light of the sunrise added an extra touch of magic to the images.

Sunrise is a great time to visit Arthur Seat and Salisbury Crags for couple shoot, especially if you want to avoid the crowds. It can get very busy during the day, with many visitors coming to hike, run or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the area. By coming early in the morning, you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, and have the opportunity to capture some truly amazing photographs.


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