It was a February 29th. It was a stormy day. It was Glencoe. And the words spoken by Christine and Mike right there, in Glen Etive, were: ‘I do.’ For whatever reasons, the heavens opened to the newlyweds, just long enough for their vows to be spoken amid the mountains.

Just before the ceremony, the weather had been brutal: strong winds and rain had lashed the area for days. But as Christine and Mike became one, the storm clouds parted and the wind died down. It was as if nature paused to watch the ceremony.

When Christine and Mike flew over from the US to get married in Glencoe, it showed a true depth to their commitment. Their relationship felt very real and sweet from the first time we met, and it was a pleasure to let it shine through in their Scottish elopement, in the Highlands.

What made Christine and Mike’s elopement even more remarkable was the seamless alignment of every detail. When they mentioned that Fiona Stewart would be their celebrant, it felt like a stroke of fate. Fiona and I had crossed paths before, but never in the context of a real-life elopement. The convergence of our paths on this day felt like a beautiful affirmation that some things are simply meant to be.

Only in the brief break between storms, as their love, was brought into focus in the rugged Glencoe landscape, did I come to realise just how resilient the human spirit can be, and how profoundly love can transform a challenge into an opportunity. As the hailstorm continued on its way and we drove away, I felt their love had been blessed by nature, and that only in the wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands could a love story transcend the natural order of things to become a real part of the landscape.

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