In August, I had the absolute pleasure of being part of a fantastic workshop where I had the opportunity to co-plan and host an event for fellow creatives. My dear friend Lenny, the creative genius behind Lookslikeweddingworkshop, invited me to join. It was even more special because we got to reunite as we hadn’t seen each other in long time.

Our theme, “Edinburgh’s Love Story”, pays homage to the city’s heritage, ethereal beauty, and the heartfelt emotions that arise when two souls embark on an intimate journey together. Our workshop celebrates the intimacy and beauty of elopements, embracing a dreamy aesthetic characterised by minimalism, natural colours and touch of romance. We meticulously selected a team of premium suppliers who excel in their craft and are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that will elevate your experience and portfolio. One of the defining aspects of our workshop was the flexibility and collaboration it offers. We believe in empowering photographers to showcase their creativity and direct couples according to their artistic vision. Whether it’s capturing the couple in a captivating dance, guiding them through a playful run, or simply documenting stolen glances filled with unspoken love, you have the opportunity to direct and capture moments that embody the spirit of their love story.

If you’re looking to build your portfolio, do follow @lookslikeweddingworkshops and stay tuned for any upcoming events 😊

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the incredible suppliers and models who jumped on board with us to make this workshop a reality. They really went above and beyond, and their efforts made this day truly extraordinary. Thank you so much!


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